Wednesday, April 25, 2012

PeaceCheese "Cosmic Sauce Pizza"!! Vegan Cheese Alternative to White Sauce Pizza!! Yummm.....

PeaceCheese "Cosmic Sauce Pizza"!! Vegan Cheese Alternative to White Sauce Pizza!!

I love making white sauce pizza and this favorite recipe of mine is 100% plant-based, dairy-free, vegan and super healthy, too! The white sauce I use is called "Cosmic Sauce" and it's my own vegan cheese alternative to Alfredo, or any white sauce.

This is the most delicious white sauce pizza I've ever had. So here's how you do it:

Start by lightly sauteing one medium sized yellow onion and enough Crimini mushrooms and Shiitake mushrooms to cover your pizza (I love mushrooms so I load them on!).

When sauteing is done, prepare your pizza dough. Any dough will work; gluten-free or not gluten-free. If you're not on a gluten-free diet, then Trader Joe's has a really yummy garlic and herb ready-made pizza dough.

Coat a flat surface with flour and stretch out your dough to form a pizza pie. Follow the directions on your dough recipe or dough package to pre-heat the oven. Now cover a pre-heated pizza stone, if you have one, with corn meal and transfer your pizza pie over to the stone.

Coat your pizza dough with a nice thick layer of PeaceCheese "Cosmic Sauce." Now add raw spinach leaves, your sauteed onions and mushrooms. sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and black pitted olives, if you like them.

One more thing, since I like my white sauce pizza nice and rich, I usually drizzle the whole pizza once more with "Cosmic Sauce" over all the toppings right before I throw it in the oven. Yummm....

Place your beautifully prepared white "Cosmic Sauce" pizza in the oven and prepare your palate for the best vegan white sauce pizza ever!

All PeaceCheese products, including the "Cosmic Sauce" used here, are 100% plant-based, dairy-free, cholesterol-free and really are delicious, and I don't mean delicious in an alternative-to-cheese kind of way or merely as a substitute to cheese. They really are irresistibly tasty! I have many customers who are not even dairy-free but choose PeaceCheese over dairy cheese simply because they love the taste. I think you will too, it's that good and good for you!

I have four varieties, including this recipe's "Cosmic Sauce," that I am selling in San Diego and on my website, You can purchase all products via the "Shop" page and have them shipped right to your door. I'd love for you to check them out and you have any questions at all you can contact me here or on the PeaceCheese website. Thanks so much:) Enjoy!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

PeaceCheese - 100% Plant-Based Vegan Cheese Alternatives - First Online Order!!

I got my first online order off the website on Friday, April 13th! I am still processing how major that is in my little world. Funny, the day started out true April Fool's Day style. I woke up in a kind of melancholic mood. My computer went kuputz beyond repair. My experiment with a new, local ingredient failed. Truthfully, though, this made me smile because it's just another confirmation that PeaceCheese vegan cheese alternative recipes are magical, and can't be altered in any way or they simply don't work:)

But all this April Fool's Day weirdness completely turned around the second I got my first online order! And I'm just now sharing my excitement. For the first few days I downplayed it. "It's just one order, don't get so excited, you have a long way to go." I have a history of getting very excited about things, sometimes before they actually happen. This can be deceiving, and I want to be true to myself and true to PeaceCheese. I want us to reach our full potential, not on some other fantasy dimension, but here on earth. A big part of making that happen is my being 100% honest with myself and where I'm at each step of the way. No shortcuts, no exaggerated pats on the back, no excuses, no seeing more than what is and no running ahead when the moment overwhelms. Just present with myself and PeaceCheese, our accomplishments and our setbacks. That is how we will grow, for real. 

So when my first online order came in, my first reaction was super joy and excitement! But immediately after that I got nervous that I was getting too excited and may become somehow disillusioned or unprepared for the climb ahead. So I sat on it for a few days before sharing, to make sure I was being authentic to myself, to PeaceCheese and to PeaceCheese cheese alternative fans. 

What I realized in the last few days is so simple. Attitude is everything. It's how we think about things. I can be real and be excited at the same time. It's who I am. Anyone who knows me is probably smiling right now, because it's true; I get excited about almost anything. It can be ridiculous sometimes but it's me and it's real. So instead of being afraid of it, I can use my enthusiasm to fuel the moment and grow; both feet grounded on earth, taking it one step at a time. 

So today I am celebrating my first online order for the landmark accomplishment that it really is!!

(*My next post, "Real Like PeaceCheese," is all about how being real means being real with customers too, and how really awesome that can be for both!)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

PeaceCheese - 100 % Vegan Cheese Alternatives - Interviewed by Plant Powered Living!

This is so exciting! PeaceCheese - 100% Vegan Cheese Alternatives - gave it's first interview since moving to the States!:) Plant Powered Living is also a San Diego-based company, like PeaceCheese; committed to sharing the power, pleasure and pure joy of plant-based foods. So happy to be connected with such an inspiring community. Thank you, Krista Richards, and everyone at Plant Powered Living! Spreading the love is empowering for all:)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You Don't Have To Be Veggie To Be Addicted To PeaceCheese!

I find myself wanting to eat this one all the time! My boyfriend just got a new gourmet copper sautee pan all the way from France and he wanted to try it out. And of all the things he could have cooked in his new magical pan, you know what he was craving? Carmelized onions, mushrooms and kale all tossed in Cosmic Sauce (PeaceCheese vegan cheese alternative to alfredo or any white cream sauce) over tumeric infused quinoa. That made me super happy because not only is he not vegan or vegetarian at all, but I've never even seen him eat real cheese except on pizza, so I've come to suspect that he's not a big cheese person. But he loves PeaceCheese!

Just to paint the picture of how remarkable this is, let me tell you what happened tonight. We ate at a 100% plant-based restaurant called Casa de Luz here in San Diego and the first thing he did after we left the restaurant was buy sausages from Whole Foods! He literally raced into the store. But eating PeaceCheese "Cosmic Sauce" last night was a totally different story ; he was completely satisfied!! No sausage runs:) Awesome.

*You'll have to use a little imagination with the picture; I took it with my iPhone. Saving up for a Canon:)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PeaceCheese Lunch!

PeaceCheese "Cosmic Sauce" drizzled over Sauteed Kale, Mushrooms and Tumeric Infused Quinoa - for lunch! Yummm.....


Similar to a classic Alfredo, Bechamel or Buerre Blanc white cream sauce but so much tastier! This creamy rapture of cashews, miso and savory herbs will send you flying through the stratosphere in joyful search for what was truly sent from above.


Similar in taste to a mild Cheddar, and with a semi-hard texture that slices and shreds. This flavor of fun under the sun is glowing with free-flowing, super-charged goodness, shining with rays of pumpkin, flax seeds and cashews.*Soy-Free


Similar in taste to a Jalapeno Jack Cheddar, and with a semi-hard consistency that slices and shreds. "Love", "life" and "spice it up" are the three hot ingredients in this knock-your-socks off blend of pumpkin, jalapeno peppers and cashews. *Soy-Free


Hard enough to slice and shred, this creamy blend of cashews, miso and harmonizing herbs will nourish your body with delicious flavors of savory and irresistible. This one is full-of-life goodness and glow!

Why I Love PeaceCheese!

PeaceCheese is made with 100% plant-based ingredients, so it's whole and healthy, gentle on the environment, life-honoring and mouth-wateringly delicious.

It's vegan, dairy free, lactose free and free of any weird science-fiction ingredients.

It's gluten free, cholesterol free, low in fat, low in calories, naturally high in fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, phytonutrients & antioxidants.

PeaceCheese ingredients such as nuts, seeds and herbs are Superfoods which may lower cholesterol, improve heart health, strengthen bones, boost immunity, manage blood sugar levels, aid weight loss, relieve stress, relieve depression and improve brain power.

PeaceCheese ingredients are enriched with the life-giving nutrients Mother Earth intended; foods that honor and protect our planet's natural resources, habitats and fellow creatures.